C-Section Recovery

You had a C-Section Birth! Its important to recover well after your surgery because your baby’s well-being is dependent on your physical ability to take care of him or her.


Mother’s have a tendency to care more for their children, and the family than for themselves. Neglecting your own recovery can pottentially lead to serious issues; like a wound infection or complications in your wound healing, Ugly scarring, pains and aches, and other physical pains restricting your movements.


This will make caring for your baby very difficult.


One natural way to help & support your body to heal is by wearing a Post C-Section Garment.  These garments are specifically designed to help in your recovery. In the recovery after a surgery. These garments function like a brace, very much like a bandage. Though it looks like a girdle it is nothing like a corset or girdle you find in the stores which is just tight fitting.


Post C-Section Garments are actually medically classified recovery garments. They work by delivering compression to the parts of your body that was most affected by surgery and changes due to pregnancy. The gentle compression is delivered to reduce swelling (edema), help with your wound & scar healing, retract those loose skin gained from pregnancy, and facilitate blood circulation. Targeted panels are built in to specifically provide structure and support to the body.


* DV Post C-Section Garments is a Medical Classified Garment designed specifically for Gynecological surgeries like Post-Hysterectomy & Post C-Section Birth.


Read some of the testimonials from mothers after C-Section in our TESTIMONIAL section.



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