The bengkung for the C Sectiion mum

We all know bengkung (or the traditional wrap) is to be avoided or at least delayed for a month after the birth of a baby by a Cesarean section.

The simple reason is, you've had surgery. YES, a C- Section is an abdominal surgery. So not only does a mother have to recover from her pregnancy she has to recover from a surgical procedure.

Veron first started designing medical garments for patients who had undergone surgery due to trauma, burns, and accidents. That was almost 35 years ago. Today her company is the leading medical compression garment manufacturer in the world with distribution in over 85 countries. BUT the ONE unique feature of her designs out matches all other nrands and designs is her targeted panelling system that she desgined into her garments. Having these panels, she could ensure the right amount of compression is delivered to the right places where you need them most after a surgery and yet keeping comfort levels high.

With the help and imput of Gynecologist, midwives, lactation nurses, and most importantly mothers the after c-Sectiion garment was designed and launched in 2009 and remains the one and only Medical Device classified and approved product for after c-section recovery till todate.

Medical compression garments are designed and intended to be used immediately after a surgery. Thats correct afetr surgery. There is no waiting. These garments are designed to provide and prevent swelling, and exessive bruising after a surgery, prevents and limits water accumulation, and relives pain. Some garments are even applied to a patient whilst she / he is still under general anesthesia immediately after an operation and whilst still in the operating theatre. These patients wake up already wearing the compression garment.

For this reason, her Post C Section Garment became popular as the "modern bengkung" as there is no ill effect of having one on immediately afetr your C Section. Infact the garments is designed for immediate use aftre surgery.

The C Section garment by the recommendation of all our past users, it can be worn as early as the day of your discharge from the hospital. You love the support it offers and you'll move with so much ease and NO Pain.



If there is one thing that Veron can boast about her after C Section garment design it would be: she sure knows what is needed for any abdominal recovery garment because thats what she has done for decades !



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